Bex Fynnland XP Sunglasses

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The performance of the BEX FYNNLAND epitomizes what it means for a sunglass to be lightweight and comfortable. Matte black frame. BEX Live Gray tinted lens with a BEX Slash coating. BEX wireframes feature memory metal material that is extremely lightweight with maximum strength and flexibility.

Hinge: 3 barrel custom tooled stainless steel and b-titanium hinge

Bridge: Custom formed stainless steel saddle bridge with custom-fit non-slip replaceable nose pads

Temples: Stainless steel attachments and TR90 all the way to the temple tip

Lens Shape: Rectangular shape proportionate to the contours of the brow and cheeks.  The sizes fit comfortably for small to average head shapes.  Try the Fynnland XL.

Lens: Black Frame with Gray BEX NYPO™ polarized lens with optical clarity. UVA, UVB, UVC and Blue Light protection.

Lens Protection: BEX NYPO Polarized, UVA, UVB, UVC, and Blue Light protection.  Oleophobic (oil protection), hydrophobic (water protection), anti-scratch, hard coating (minimize minor scratching), and anti-reflection (backside) coatings. 

Size: Lens width 60mm x height 38mm, between lenses: 17mm, hinge to temple tip 150mm

Each pair comes with one protective case, one sleeve cleaning cloth, replacement screws, and 2 pairs of spare nose pads.